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Welcome Federated kids and families (and friends)~


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August 14... VBS~!!!!

Hi, we're on our 3rd Harry Potter Book: THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN!!! Join us for the fun! We'll have Quidditch (of course). Then, we'll start our snack-and-go dinner (munchies for the kids to graze on through the evening). Then, we'll have our four classes: magic, animal spirit cards, potions, and quilling! We'll have our Bible Study and Music in the Sanctuary. After that, we'll settle back for some movie watching until the parents come! This is a great time for the parents to get some "finish your sentence" time in, while we take care of the kids. Doors open at 5:30... and we'll conclude at 9:00 pm. I hope everyone can make it!  This is gonna be GREAT!!!  (Yes, Max... red for Gryffindor!) 

Special THANKS to those who helped... we sent 11 kids to camp, this year!!!

Call the church... Pastor Amy's phone DIED (no services will be held). She has a new number... call the church to get it, or ask her. She needs a hug for the passing of her phone. But... have her show you her new SPONGE BOB phone. Then, you can laugh at her. 

Jesus didn't reject people... neither do we.

Rev. Amy Jayne Johnson

Youth and Children's Pastor

Federated Church (UCC/UUA)

612 West State Street

Sycamore, Illinois   60178

I would welcome getting an email from you! Please write Pastor Amy, by clicking the link, below. I will try to write you back as soon as I can!