Welcome All Kids and Families of Federated Church of Sycamore!

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Welcome Federated kids and families (and friends)~


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Please note the cool Halloween colors... thank you very much!


Pumpkin Fest Halloween Party! October 24

1) Wear your costumes to Pumpkin Fest Worship.

2) Bring candy for the kids (and the adults, to be honest!)

3) Have fun!

Kids... Pumpkin Fest Worship will be a time for Kids' Club to have their annual Halloween Party! Please bring your costumes and prepare to have FUN! I'd like to ask that our families think about things they can contribute to our party! Kids, think of games you can make or share at our party. These should be relatively short games (not necessarily board games)... the BRE can provide prizes for the games. Perhaps your family would like to contribute snacks for our party. We could use more adults to help out for our party, as well. This is a fun event for the whole family! Let's make it great!


Halloween... All Hallow's Eve~

It seems, every year, I find myself reminding our church family (for the benefit of those who DON'T attend our church) that Halloween is a CHRISTIAN holiday. Every year I get emails and letters from the community, all freaked out that we celebrate Halloween at our church, with loads of Bible verses about why we shouldn't. I must repeat: Halloween is a Christian holiday. With all the creepy stuff out there, it's probably hard to imagine that it is. It seems, in the harvest tradition, that people looked to the harvest time as a time to take inventory of their lives and think seriously about death. All the ghosts, skeletons, ghouls, etc., just express a look at the shadow side of things. But, what do you really BELIEVE? I believe God loves us. I believe when you die, you get to join God in Heaven. It's not a very complicated theology, I know, but it's what I believe. I believe that people who don't have it all figured out, figure things out pretty quickly when they enter God's loving presence. I believe in hope and I believe in Eternity. That's just my take on it all. ~Pastor amy




Special THANKS to those who helped... we sent 11 kids to camp, this year!!!

Pastor Amy's got a new and even better than Sponge Bob phone!!! We're back to my old number. If you'd like to call, the number is: 541-852-2297! 

Jesus didn't reject people... neither do we.

Rev. Amy Jayne Johnson

Youth and Children's Pastor

Federated Church (UCC/UUA)

612 West State Street

Sycamore, Illinois   60178

I would welcome getting an email from you! Please write Pastor Amy, by clicking the link, below. I will try to write you back as soon as I can!